Date Night in Tyler with the Village at Cumberland Park

Whether you have a newfound love or a long-time romantic partner, chances are you are probably looking for ideas for the perfect date night in Tyler. Going on the same date over and over again is how relationships become stale. Luckily for you, the Village at Cumberland Park has enough options to bring a little excitement into your dating life, regardless of your interests. Here are our favorite ways to spend a date night in Tyler!

The Main Course 

No matter who you are or whom you love, one thing remains constant amongst humanity – we love food. Some of the best restaurants in Tyler happen to be right here at the Village at Cumberland Park. Some of our favorite dining options include:

Abuelos Mexican Grill – Spice up your date by going south of the border. You are in Texas after all, so why not enjoy a little Tex-Mex? Abuelos has something for everyone on their menu, including plenty of margaritas and sangria swirls!

FD’s Grill House – Not feeling like Tex-Mex? Put some meat on your plate at FD’s Grill House! They’ll serve you up a beautiful steak with all of the sides and fix-ins. They’ve got chicken and fish on their menu too if you want a lighter option.

Piada Italian Street Food – Italian is a romance language, so the food must be romantic too, right? Get your date started the right way with a healthy portion of pasta, piadas or salad. Their menu even has a seasonal specials selection so there is always something new to try.


If you’re looking to really wow your date, you’re going to need more than just a nice dinner. There are plenty of fun activities at the Village at Cumberland Park that will impress your significant other.

Urban Air Trampoline Park – Bounce your way into your dates heart at this trampoline park! There is nothing more fun than a room full of trampolines. This is a great way to get your date laughing. Urban Air is coming soon.

Studio Movie Grill – Dinner and a movie is the classic date for a reason, it works. Not only do you get the comfort of sitting next to someone you love, you get to enjoy a great move while doing so. This one is really a win for everyone.

Massage Envy – Just getting over a bad fight and are looking for ways to relax? Try a couple’s massage at Massage Envy. This one is perfect for those relationship veterans who have been at it for a while. Come spend a relaxing night away from your worries of everyday life with a nice massage.

As you can see, there are plenty of great options for everyone here at the Village at Cumberland Park. Truly impress your date by pre-planning a wonderful night for the two of you and don’t forget dessert! Gusterz Gourmet Pops and Menchies Frozen Yogurt are date night classics with some of the best desserts Tyler has to offer. Check out our clothing stores for a fresh set of clothing to impress your date. Want to see what else we have to offer? Check out our blog today.

Photo Source: Thinkstock [623298798]