A Guide to Summer with The Village at Cumberland Park

There are some things you just have to have to be prepared for Summer in Texas. We are talking about non-negotiables to get you through the Summer. Listen up Tyler friends; we have created a Guide to Summer with 6 essential items that need to be on / or checked off your list!

A visit to European Wax Center

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, summer means waxing and that mean European Wax Center. Book your appointment today (903) 581-2999.

Eyelash Extensions

Gals, we know how annoying it is to try and look cute during Summer and swimming sessions. Eyelash extensions are your answer – check out our low down on lash extensions here.

A Swim Suit (s)

Treat yourself to a new swim suit this Summer (or maybe even two?). Check out our shops here and find a swim suit for a bargain!

Summer Shoes 

Summer shoes are essential in a Texas Summer. Walking around with bare feet is a sure way to burn your feet, and no one wants that! Get your cute summer sandals and shoes from the Village at Cumberland Park!

Hair Essentials

Looking after your hair during Summer is important, especially if you are blonde! Swimming and the sun can often lead to breakage, so it’s a high priority to invest in a good moisturizer or treatment.


Sunscreen is not what it used to be. We remember the days of slapping heavy, oily sunscreen all over us and boy; it was not great. Nowadays, you can get spray on sunscreen that is light, airy, smells good, and does the job!

We are so excited for Summer, and we hope you are too! Get started on your guide to Summer at The Village at Cumberland Park!

Photo Source: [Jean-philippe WALLET][636408604] Thinkstock