Lowdown on Lash Extensions: Everything You Need To Know

Eyelash extensions are quite possibly the biggest beauty trend we have seen in recent years. For gals who love luscious, full lashes but despise coating their lashes with layers of mascara every morning, eyelash extensions will be your best friend. We got the lowdown on lash extensions and found out everything you need to know before venturing into the world of lashes.

Eyelash extension application is an acceptable form of adult napping

Ok so, we know this isn’t technically about lash extensions, but it makes the process a whole lot more appealing, right? Lash application is luxurious. You lay down on a bed, listen to calming music, and you may even score a heavenly massage. We are completely sold on this fact alone.

Lash extensions are customizable 

If you are worried about walking out looking like you have a thick strip of fake eyelashes glued to your face, fear not! Your lashes will be customizable to what YOU want. You choose your length, your curl, and the material of your new lashes.

Lash extensions are damaging to your natural lashes if you fail to take care of them

Don’t pull out your lashes. Ladies, this is cardinal rule numero uno. Pulling out your lash extensions means you are pulling our your natural lashes. You will be left with no lashes and in extreme pain. Leave it to the professional’s girls. Your technician will also brief you on lash after-care, don’t be a rule breaker with this one.

You will be totally glam for about 3-6 weeks

Your lashes will last around 3-6 weeks however most salons recommend touch-ups every 2-3 weeks. Lash extensions are an investment ladies.

You can wear eye makeup

If smoky eyes are your thing, you CAN wear eye makeup with your lashes. Beauty products that can potentially ruin your lashes are liquid-based products (AKA liquid wing eyeliner) and oil-based makeup remover. The most important takeaway is mascara. TRY and not use mascara as it leaves the extensions crusty.

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Photo Source: [vitalssss][478336720] Thinkstock