Your Ultimate Guide To Cruelty Free Beauty Brands

As the years go on, more and more light is being shed on animal cruelty, especially within the beauty industry. Although animal testing is not required by the United States, any beauty company that sells within China is required to complete animal testing. In other words, if the makeup brand you are using is sold in China as well as the United States, they are not a cruelty free company. We strongly recommend knowing the facts about your beauty brands and where they stand with animal cruelty. We have done our research and have created an ultimate guide to cruelty free beauty brands so you can have peace of mind when painting your face – you’re welcome!

1. Lush

Lush Cosmetics has long been fighting against animal cruelty, animal testing, and actively supports animal rights organizations such as Sea Shepherd. Lush specializes in bath bombs, beauty products such as shower, hair, face, body, perfume and make up. Visit Lush today and indulge in some cruelty free living!

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia Beverly Hills is a favorite among beauty and makeup bloggers and vloggers. Anastasia is available in over 25 different countries including Australia, France, Saudi Arabia, and Sweden. Prices are quite reasonable, and the range is huge – you seriously can’t go wrong with Anastasia. Check out Anastasia Beverly Hills here. Also available at Beauty Brands at The Village at Cumberland Park.

3. Too Faced

We LOVE Too Faced Makeup. Super feminine with an edgy touch, Too Faced prides itself on using the finest, cutting edge ingredients all while being a 100% cruelty free brand. Partnering with Kat Von D, Too Faced has become a favorite for women throughout the United States. Check out more Too Faced products here. Also Available at Beauty Brands at The Village at Cumberland Park.

4. Elf

Elf Makeup stands for Eye Lips Face and is your affordable choice that is sold in drugstores. Luxurious cosmetics shouldn’t be in trade for your budget, and Elf understands this. An Elf lipstick retails at $3.00 while an Elf highlighter retails at $4.00 and a Primer for $6.00. Cruelty free AND affordable – how can you lose?

Living a cruelty free life is extremely important to us at The Village at Cumberland Park. Our tenant Beauty Brands stocks many cruelty free products, and we recommend completing your own research on all brands that you purchase. We will be extending our ultimate guide to cruelty free beauty brands and ensuring we are providing you updated information each month to help you live a cruelty free life. Cheers!

Photo Source: [fercha_cruz][465846214]Thinkstock