The Village At Cumberland Park’s Guide to Staying Active

Even during these uncertain times, it’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and we have compiled a guide to staying active in Tyler! From making sure you are receiving the proper nutrition to taking advantage of the latest in fitness, you will be able to maintain your health at the Village at Cumberland Park! Here is our guide to staying active in Tyler at the Village at Cumberland Park

Stay Balanced with the Vitamin Shoppe

The Vitamin Shoppe has all the latest vitamins and supplements to keep your body strong regardless of the season. Choose from staples like vitamin C, or make your pre and post-workout supplement goals a reality. Vitamin experts are also able to assist you in determining your goals and a plan of action to reach them. Making sure your body is receiving all the proper nutrients is a necessary step to maintaining overall wellness, and the Vitamin Shoppe helps you accomplish exactly that! 

Get the Latest Gear from Nike

Nike is known for providing activity-lovers of all kinds with the highest quality activewear. Whether you’re looking for a new pair of running shoes or simply need the most durable leggings for running around with the kids, Nike has you covered. 

At-Home Workouts with Hotworx

Even though you might not be able to enjoy a class at Hotworx right now, you will definitely be able to take advantage of their virtual sessions going on now. Also, be sure to follow them on social media for daily tips and how-tos on how to stay fit from home! Everyone at Hotworx can’t wait to safely sweat with you from home! 

Staying active is an important part of staying healthy. From enjoying balanced nutrition to getting a workout in when you can, the Village at Cumberland Park helps make your goals become a reality. Looking for more ideas on how to stay active in Tyler? Visit our directory today! 
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