The Village at Cumberland Park’s Guide to Dessert in Tyler with 

There’s plenty of talk going around about where to dine out with your loved ones for the best meal in town. But have you ever considered loading everyone up in the family car to enjoy dessert in Tyler? Whether you’re looking for a place to stop for something unique after a special occasion or something simple in the middle of a perfect Saturday, you are sure to find something sweet to satisfy your craving for decadence at The Village at Cumberland Park

Discover Refined Cookies for Dessert in Tyler 

No matter what your favorite dessert tends to be, nobody can deny themselves a cookie when presented with the opportunity to scarf one down. Crumbl Cookies is a unique eatery that has six cookie flavors, four of which rotate every week. Their local favorites that are a staple on the everyday menu are milk chocolate chip and soft sugar cookies. Stop by Crumbl Tyler to discover your new favorite way to enjoy dessert. 

Savor Something Sweet You Can Feel Good About Eating 

Sweet treats don’t always have to be loaded down with terrible-for-you ingredients and sugary nonsense. In fact, Menchie’s Tyler has an impressive selection of frozen yogurt flavors that you and your loved ones can transform into a delicious sundae with all your favorite toppings. Choose to keep things simple and healthy, or pile on all the candy and sweets you can handle for an extra special treat. 

It’s Never Too Late for A Cinnamon Roll 

Who says cinnamon rolls are only for breakfast? Cinnaholic Tyler is a unique pastry shop that whips up one-of-a-kind cinnamon rolls in different flavors. You can purchase edible cookie dough in a variety of flavors and styles as well. No matter what you choose at Cinnaholic, you’re sure to enjoy your dessert while visiting The Village at Cumberland Park. 

Stop by to enjoy these tasty treats with the ones you love most for a special surprise! Looking for more ideas for dessert in Tyler? Check out our blog today!

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