Sweat Proof Makeup Tips: A Guide

Ladies, it’s well and truly Summer time, and we ALL know what it’s like to have makeup melting off of our faces. If you find yourself dabbing your face to prevent ‘shininess,’ or re-applying your makeup because it gets ‘too’ sweaty, we are here to help. Here are our top sweat proof makeup tips so you can get through summer sweat-free!

Primer Is Your Best Friend

If you do not have a great primer, invest in one. Primer helps your makeup ‘stick’ to your face, cuts down on that shine, and also provides a barrier between your skin and foundation. We recommend trying this award-winning Bare Minerals primer! Available at Beauty Brands at The Village at Cumberland Park.

Choose Your Foundation Wisely

Avoid heavy, full coverage foundations in summer. These are more likely to melt off your face. We recommend trying a light coverage, oil free foundation this summer. Check out a wide range of foundations here.

Blotting Papers

Ever feel like you are oily? Do you ever just want to dab your face with tissues? Enter your new hero; blotting papers. We love blotting papers as they do not disturb our makeup (that we spend ages doing) and make us feel fresh again! We highly recommend these Beauty Blender blotting cushions that are available from Beauty Brands at The Village at Cumberland Park.

Visit the team at Beauty Brands at The Village at Cumberland Park and discover more products that will help you be sweat-free this summer. Call the team today on (903) 525-6776!

Photo Source: [JANIFEST][545556610] Thinkstock