Stay in Shape and Show Off Your Summer Body with These Tips

Summer has always been the time when most people thought about fitness or the lack thereof. Everyone wants to improve the appearance of their summer body as many wear more skin-revealing clothing come the warm and hot summer months. Make The Village at Cumberland Park your new health and fitness destination. Discover tips to stay in shape this summer in Tyler at The Village at Cumberland Park:


The Benefits of Club Pilates Classes in Tyler


Pilates is a terrific full-body exercise routine that is good for experienced athletes desiring an intense workout that keep their bodies toned and strong and for inexperienced individuals looking to find a fun and effective exercise program. Many area residents come to Club Pilates located nearby in a convenient shopping plaza in Tyler, TX. Find the ideal Pilates class to suit your activity level and training needs.


Classes at HOTWORX Bound to Get You That Summer Body


A perfect innovative fitness program called HOTWORX is taking the town of Tyler by storm. This is an excellent exercise choice when wanting to get all the great benefits of a hot yoga class that runs 90 minutes in just a mere 30 minutes when using the HOTWORX routine that combines sauna heat with isometric body positioning. Soothing infrared sauna heat gets directly absorbed deep into the muscles where it is most needed. 


Stock Up on Health Supplements & More at The Vitamin Shoppe


Another important element of keeping your summer body in a show-off condition, is providing your body with the nutrition and supplements it needs to stay strong and healthy. Stock up on all your favorite vitamins, minerals and combo supplements for sale at The Vitamin Shoppe in Tyler.


The Village at Cumberland Park is your one-stop-health-and-exercise setting. Get in on Club Pilates classes, try a complimentary HOTWORX workout and pick up some health supplements at The Vitamin Shoppe. Looking for more ways to stay active this summer in Tyler? Check out our directory today! 


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