Stay Heart-Healthy at the Village at Cumberland Park for National Heart Month

They say that a healthy heart is a happy heart, and keeping your heart in good working condition is not always something that’s on your mind. Every year in February, people all over celebrate National Heart Month and the representation of love as well as the idea of heart health and what the heart provides for the human body. From working out to eating right heart health is something that should always be at the top of your list. At the Village at Cumberland Park, we can help you get on that right track to changing or maintaining your heart health. 

Getting a leg up on Heart Health

Does the feeling of the pavement under your feet and the wind whipping against your face as you fly through the air sound exhilarating? Maybe even energizing? How about your heart pumping and beating vigorously as you fly through the air? When shopping at the Village at Cumberland Park during National Heart Month, head to Skechers to find the perfect pair of shoes to get you energized and feeling like you can fly through the air and get that heart health in line. Let Skechers help you kick start your healthy living experience this season with an amazing pair of shoes to match your healthy living lifestyle here at the shopping center in Tyler Texas. 

But First, Let’s stretch!

At Club Pilates, you’ll find friendly staff who give personal attention to each and every person who walks through their door. They make you feel like you belong, feeling like you are part of the family. They provide classes to help you get that heart racing and keep the energy going all day long! And, not only can they help with your heart health, they can help your posture, core, muscle imbalances, and so much more! So if you are shopping in Tyler Texas, come on by this month and start your healthy living right!

Chew your way to Healthy Living

Not only is exercising and stretching important for heart health, but it is also extremely important to eat healthily. Head to Profile Nutrition here at the shopping center in Tyler want to explore the options you have to eat a balanced meal and keep on track with your nutrition. At the Village at Cumberland Park’s Profile Nutrition, they have plans that can help in every aspect of your healthy living lifestyle change. 

No matter how you start your healthy living during National Heart Month, if you are shopping in Tyler Texas, come on down to the Village at Cumberland Park and let us show you just what we can do to help encourage a healthy living lifestyle change that not only we can feel good about, but one that you can feel great about!

Image Sourced from Getty Images: #1161289659