October Movies at Studio Movie Grill

There’s several must-see movies out right now, and there’s a couple that you’re going to want to see simply because it’s October! At Studio Movie Grill not only can you watch a movie in relaxing chairs on the big screen, but you can also enjoy delicious food and drinks. Here’s just a few of the October movies at Studio Movie Grill that you can see right now.

It’s been 40 years since Michael Myers starting terrorizing the daylights out of us, and this October 2018, he’s back again! Just hearing that iconic theme song will scare you enough! So let Halloween give you and your friends a couple of hours of bone chilling terror this October!

If you like Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper, incredible vocals, and award winning acting performances, you’re not going to want to miss A Star is Born. Lady Gaga does an incredible job in her big screen debut and the powerful vocal scenes will move you to tears. This is one of those movies you could easily enjoy seeing more than once.

If you like action packed movies and superheroes, you’ll get a kick out of Venom. It’s got a little bit of everything in it from romance, humor, and suspense, to full throttle action with high speed car and motorcycle chase scenes down city streets. The special effects are phenomenal and the scenes are Marvel character transformation scenes are intense! So get ready for a ride with this movie!

For the children, there’s Smallfoot. An adorable animated film that’s a spin on the mythical Bigfoot. In this movie, one of the Yeti’s is certain that those mysterious “humans” are actually real; he’s seen one! And now the rest of the little Yeti’s thinks he’s totally lost his mind and that he’s just imagining the sighting. A heartwarming movie that even the parents would enjoy.

Snacks, Meals, and Drinks!
Remember that Studio Movie Grill offers a full menu and has everything from starters, salads, and entrees, to pizzas, desserts, and a special kid’s menu. There’s also beer, wine, and cocktails for the adults, in addition to daily specials!

We look forward to seeing you this Halloween season at The Village at Cumberland Park.

Photo Source: krists-luhaers-543526-unsplash