Nike Tyler: Coming Soon to Tyler

Are you like hundreds of other Tyler residents looking for a better shoe store in your area? Well get ready because your search is almost over. Nike Tyler is opening a new location in the Village at Cumberland Park, the premiere destination for shopping in Tyler. Here are our top reasons to be excited about the grand opening of the Nike store in Tyler.

Get Your Nike Equipment Today

No longer will Tyler residents need to order their athletic shoes, workout clothes and accessories online. There is nothing more satisfying than instant gratification and now you can find the right pair of shoes whenever you want. With the ability to get the right equipment for any sport at the drop of a dime, you can always be prepared to beat your competitors. There are plenty of other shops to check out while you are in the area as well.

A Pair of Shoes for Every Occasion

Nike is known for their exceptional running shoes, but did you know that they offer a specific type of shoe for almost every athletic endeavor? These shoes are specially designed by athletic and shoe experts to fit your feet perfectly and boost your athletic performance. Whether you’re into basketball, lacrosse or even skateboarding, Nike has the perfect pair of shoes for you.

Quality Athletic Gear

Nike has always been proud of their quality work when it comes to their sports equipment. Even top athletes in their field use and endorse Nike on a regular basis. Professional athletes such as Alex Morgan, Chloe Kim and Galen Rupp use Nike products to increase their stamina and better their performance every day.

Whether you’re just getting into the game, or are a well-seasoned professional athlete, Nike Tyler has a product that will improve how you perform on the field. They’ve been creating masterfully built athletic equipment since their start in 1964, so you can be sure that they know what they are doing. While you’re out and about in Village of Cumberland Park, be sure to check out all of the incredible places to eat around the shopping complex. Want to learn more about what Village at Cumberland Park has to offer? Check out our blog today!

Image from Thinkstock by Getty Images. Item Number 862317986