How to Prepare Your Skin for Fall at Sally Beauty Supply in Tyler

It’s almost sweater weather in Tyler and that means it’s time for warm drinks and a new skin care regimen. As the cooler temperatures start to develop, you can prepare your skin for the new season with a quick trip to everyone’s favorite cosmetic store. Here are the best ways to prepare your skin for fall at The Village at Cumberland Park in Tyler:

Moisturize and Use Sunscreen Every Day

When the air is cold and dry, as it tends to be during fall and winter, you’ll want to have a heavier moisturizer to keep your skin from cracking. We recommend you find a good moisturizer with at least SPF 15 at Sally Beauty Supply! You can use it on your face and reapply throughout the day, especially on the colder days, to keep it looking fresh all season long.

Exfoliate Like Your Complexion Depends on It

When it comes to winter, exfoliation is essential in preventing dryness and keeping your skin soft in the cold air. Try to find an all-natural scrub without harsh chemicals or plastic beads to prevent furthering the problem. Remember that over-exfoliation can be harsh on your skin, so we recommend only exfoliating your skin once a week during the fall and winter months.

Sally Beauty Supply in Tyler Can Help in Other Ways Too

Most people forget that areas like your lips and nail cuticles can get dry too. When they do, they can be particularly painful if they crack. Remember to grab a good lip balm with SPF and cuticle cream when you’re at Sally Beauty Supply in Tyler to ensure you don’t forget these important beauty care areas.

With all of these helpful tips, the cold dry air from fall and winter will be no match against your beauty regime. Remember to stay hydrated and pay attention to what your skin is telling you. You may need to switch products if irritation occurs. Want to find other ways to prepare your skin for fall at Sally Beauty Supply in Tyler? Check out our blog today!

Photo Sourced from Getty Images: #1007420002