How to Choose the Right Glasses at Stanton Optical in Tyler

Anyone who has a pair of prescription glasses knows that having a par that’s right for you is extremely important. While no matter where you go, your lens’ prescription will be the same, the frames are what makes all the difference. Today, Stanton Optical Tyler and The Village at Cumberland Park are coming together to share how to choose the right glasses based off of your main lifestyle.

Best Glasses for Screen Surfing

In today’s always digital world, people spend eight hours a day staring at a computer or other screen. This puts a great deal of strain on your eyes and can cause eye fatigue, headaches and even neck, shoulder and back pain. To avoid these unwanted symptoms, you can pick up some glasses with blue light filtering lenses at Stanton Optical Tyler. Blue light filtering lenses help to filter out the blue light emitted by your screens that cause such a strain on your eyes.

Top-Notch Glasses for Working in the Sun

If your lifestyle takes you outside constantly, you should be safe and protect your eyes from the sun’s damaging rays. At Stanton Optical Tyler, you can get special transition lenses that will darken when they come in contact with sunlight, or you could get a pair of prescription sunglasses.

Glasses for Outside Activates at Stanton Optical

Now if you live an active lifestyle and frequent play a sport or do some other outdoor activity, you’ll want to choose glasses that are durable and can protect your eyes. The sports eyewear at Stanton Optical Tyler are designed to perfectly fit to your face so they don’t slip off and they’re made to withstand an impact. They also offer lenses with anti-scratch protection.

If you’re in need of a new pair of glasses, be sure to come by The Village at Cumberland Park to the Stanton Optical Tyler for a pair or two of glasses that will help you see crystal clear and protect your eyes. Want to learn more about finding the right pair of glasses? Check out our blog today!

Photo Sourced from Getty Images: #1131846612