Health Benefits of Donating Blood

This year, The Village at Cumberland Park tenant ‘Altra Federal Credit Union‘ and Carter Blood Care are pairing up to bring Tyler a ‘Carter Blood Care Blood Drive.’ On Friday, April 7th from 10.00am to 2.00pm, the public will be able to donate their blood at the CBC Bus at Altra Federal Credit Union. Donating blood can often seem like an intimidating thought, however, it actually has benefits. We discuss the health benefits of donating blood in this post and encourage everyone to #giveforlife on April 7th.


Reduces Risk of Heart Disease

Regular blood donations actually help in reducing the risk of heart disease. How? Iron build up can result in something called excessive oxidative damage. Oxidative damage is the cause of heart attacks, strokes, and more. Regular donations keep iron levels in check and therefore minimize your heart disease chances.

Health Check Up

In order to donate blood, you must go through a health check up. This is obviously beneficial for all parties involved. Did we mention this is totally free of cost? Amazing! Not only are you helping others, but you are also helping yourself. If you have any abnormalities in your blood, you will be alerted of these which may uncover important issues to take care of.

Calorie Burn

Why go to the gym when you can donate blood? Just kidding. Donating blood has shown to burn 650 Kcal.

Risk of Cancer is Reduced

Again, high iron levels in the blood can increase chances of cancer. Similar to heart disease, regular blood donations keep your iron levels in check. In theory, this does reduce the risk of cancer. Standby for more research on this!

As you can tell, there are many health benefits of donating blood. One of the biggest benefits, though, is helping others. It can’t get much better than that! If you need more information, please contact Leigh Ann Tapia on (903) 405-3721. We hope to see you on April 7th!

Photo Source: [Abscent][8461525965] Thinkstock