Gear Up for the First Day of Spring with Guitar Center in Tyler

The first day of spring is on March 20th, and there is no better way to get ready than with a new hobby! From the beautiful flowers, brilliant colors and booming wildlife, one thing is for sure, spring rocks. You could too with a little bit of help from your friends at Guitar Center in Tyler! Here are our favorite ways to gear up for the first day of spring with Guitar Center at the Village at Cumberland Park:

Go Acoustic or Make Spring Electric with a New Guitar

Whether you want to sound like Ed Sheeran or Eddie Van Halen, Guitar Center in Tyler has you covered. Pick up a classic ¾ size Martin Ed Sheeran signature acoustic guitar to have a guitar you can bring with you anywhere! It’s perfect for dates in the park. If you’re ready to rock, you might be better off with the EVH Striped Series Electric Guitar that looks exactly like the one used in Van Halen!

Rock to the Beat of Spring with the Drum Set of Your Choice

They may be Guitar Center, but don’t let the name fool you, they’ve got everything you need to start a band or make beats in one place! Their drum section is always packed with top-notch sets that will help you march to the beat of your own drum. As with guitars, you can choose electric or acoustic and make some noise however you want.

Take a Piano Break with the Keyboards at Guitar Center in Tyler

Maybe you’re feeling like playing the old 88 keys, or the 76, or the 61. Whatever size fits best for you, Guitar Center will send you home rocking. They’ve got keyboards, studio keyboards, controllers and synthesizers that will make you feel the electricity of spring with every key you hit. Pick up a fun new way to make music today!

No matter what you do this spring, know that we are always here to help with whatever you need. Whether you want to learn to play music or pick up a new outfit, the Village at Cumberland Park has what you need to thrive in the new season. Want to learn more about Guitar Center in Tyler at the Village at Cumberland Park? Check out our blog today!

Photo Sourced from Getty Images: #871985164