Fresh Dental Tyler: Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening has become a ‘must’ in your beauty routine. Having the whitest of white teeth has become a priority for people everywhere (thanks, social media!). We are exposed to home dental kits and expensive teeth whitening daily on social media and marketing efforts. So which one is better? Home whitening or professional whitening? We sat down with Fresh Dental Tyler to find out more.

Professional Whitening VS Home Whitening: PROFESSIONAL

The preferred whitening option for most is professional teeth whitening. There are many reasons for this. Professional whitening is quicker, stronger, and works better than home whitening. Whitening is also supervised by a dentist which is invaluable. Professional teeth whitening is often recommended for individuals who suffer from irritation and sensitivity.

Professional Whitening VS Home Whitening: AT HOME

At home whitening is obviously a cheaper option that many celebrities and brand influencers are endorsing on social media. Anyone who suffers from sensitive teeth and gums needs to be extremely wary about using home whitening kits. If you do not suffer from irritation or sensitivity, home whitening kits are a great option for someone on a budget. Please note that we always recommend speaking with a professional before testing out home whitening.


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