Fall Wine with World Market in The Village at Cumberland Park

Fall in Tyler is the perfect time for relaxing with a glass of wine in one hand and a good book from Half Price Books in the other. As the air begins to cool and flavors become seemingly more complex with the flavors of fall, the world around us seems to slow down a bit. The wine experts at World Market have chosen three equally decadent wines, all varying in country of origin and variety to choose from at The Village at Cumberland Park in Tyler.

Cabernet Sauvignon is the Perfect Fall Wine

Deep and dry red wines are regarded as the official wine of fall for their complex flavors. This Californian Merlot is full of delightful fall flavors that stimulate your senses in such a profound way, you’ll begin to understand each unique flavor with every sip. With a fruity bouquet and mild bite, we recommend red wine to get the season started the right way.

Chardonnay Will Make You Feel Bubbly Inside

This elegant wine selection has all the complexities of a fine white wine, and all of that buttery finesse only a sparkling wine could bring to the table. The bright flavor of Chardonnay hits you with a delightful taste of white peach and whipped cream. World Market definitely suggests putting this beauty at the top of your fall wine list to take on Autumn like a pro.

Champagne Will Make You Appreciate the Finer Side of Fall

This is without a doubt one of the most iconic wines of all time, but it’s so appropriate for this list, we couldn’t leave it off. The toasty vanilla aroma that champagne produces is so reminiscent of fall, it practically changes color right before your eyes. You certainly won’t regret celebrating the season with a bottle of fine champagne from World Market in Tyler!

With as many fall wine flavors at World Market in Tyler, we could never fit how many fall wines there are left to try on this list. Take a trip to World Market at The Village at Cumberland Park to experience their wide array of delicious fall wines. Want to learn more about fall wines? Check out our blog today!

Photo Sourced from Getty Images: #1044127598