Fall Hair Colors and Cuts Featuring The Village at Cumberland Park

The weather is cooling down, and Fall is finally here. Late September / early October is just before all the holiday festivities begin, and it is the perfect time to head to your nearest hair salon to freshen up your fall look. We have picked our top fall hair colors that can be made possible at Beauty Brands at The Village at Cumberland Park.

Ruby Red

Deep, rich colors are the colors of fall, and we love the idea of ruby red to WOW your friends and family. Make your rich red stand out even more and curl your hair for a bold, defined look.

Slate Gray

We have seen gray grace the covers of magazines and become a new trend on social media. This hair color is different and adds a brilliant contrast to the vibrant colors of fall. TIP: This hair color is best suited for those who are blessed with natural volume.


Chocolate Brown

The name just sounds delicious. This hair color is rich, bold, brilliant, and perfect for fall.

Alchemic Gold

They say blondes have more fun, but what about golds? Taking a natural hair color up a notch or two, the alchemic gold color hinders on using a creamy beige toner that isn’t too warm or too cold. With this striking and beautifully bright fall hair color, everyone will be talking about how your hair just looks magical.

If you’re ready to get your fresh fall hair color, come to The Village at Cumberland Park and visit:

The Village at Cumberland Park
8926 S Broadway
Tyler, TX 75703

Photo Source: [612734636] Thinkstock