Essential Summer Grilling Tips for the Perfect Tyler Cookout

Can you believe it’s already June? That means that we can officially kick off Summer grilling and cookouts with friends! It’s a Texas tradition to grill out often by a lake, pool, or in the backyard. We explore some essential Summer grilling tips so you can host the perfect Tyler cookout this Summer!

1. Ice Ice Baby!

A cardinal rule that you CAN’T forget at your Summer cookout is ice (there is never too much!). No one likes warm beer or warm white wine on a hot Texas day!

2. It’s Not Always All About The Beer

Listen up, everyone. Although a good ole Corona with lime goes a long way, some people might just not be into beer. If you are supplying, make sure you get a good variety of ALL alcohol which includes beer, wine, champagne, AND spirits.

3. Paper Everything

If you’ve tried to wash up after a grill out, you know it’s a pain. We recommend using paper everything (paper plates, papers cups) and plastic utensils. At the end of the cookout, you can literally throw everything in a garbage bin. Trust us; it will make your life SO much easier.

4. Prepare! 

Don’t wait until the day before to figure out what sides and mains you are planning. Make a list and if you are planning on asking your friends to bring anything, let them know at least a week in advance.

Summer is the season for grilling and Tyler is the perfect place to host a fab cookout with friends and family! Get all your grilling needs from The Village at Cumberland Park today and cheers to Summer!

Photo Source: [543045134] Thinkstock