Dining in Tyler: Featuring The Village at Cumberland Park

Deciding on where to go for dinner can be a hassle. No one wants to be the one that makes the decision for everyone else. At The Village at Cumberland Park, we have a variety of restaurants, each with something delicious to offer. The Village makes picking out a place to eat easy when dining in Tyler!
As Texans, we all share a common love of Mexican food. Abuelo’s Mexican Restaurant is the perfect place to sit back in their beautiful courtyard with a margarita and enjoy made-from-scratch Mexican food. Using only the freshest ingredients, Abuelo’s creative menu features outstanding food and beverage quality, colorful plate presentation and superior service.
Famous for offering some of the best examples of traditional Thai food, Chiangmai Thai is the place to be to satisfy your Thai food cravings. Using only the freshest ingredients, Chiangmai Thai ensures that each dish they serve is cooked to perfection and full of flavor. Using quality herbs and spices, each dish has a unique and tasty flavor profile making your experience dining in Tyler a delicious one.
Everyone can find something they love with classic American food. Whether you’re sitting down to enjoy a movie at Studio Movie Grill or sitting out on FD’s Gill House’s patio to enjoy the weather, these American cuisine options have what you’re craving. FD’s Grill House is a contemporary American restaurant serving up perfectly cooked steaks, chicken, pasta and seafood with classic sides like mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables. Using the freshest ingredients, their food is sure to make for an enjoyable dining experience.
If you like your food served while you enjoy the latest and greatest films; Studio Movie Grill is the place to be. Featuring fresh, quality food and hand crafted cocktails, there’s no better place to sink back into a comfy chair and enjoy your night.
Italian / Mediterranean
If the tastes of Italy are calling your name, Rotolo’s Pizzeria and Piada Italian Street food have what you want. Thinking you want something lighter? Head over to Zoe’s Kitchen for some delicious Mediterranean food. Their made-from-scratch recipes and fresh ingredients never disappoint.
With all these great dining options, the fear of making a bad decision of where to eat won’t be a problem here. Whether you want a romantic date-night for two or a laid-back dinner with friends, The Village at Cumberland Park has something for everyone!