Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with These Delicious Desserts in Tyler

Next time you are out with the family shopping, you will probably want to take a break and enjoy some delicious desserts in Tyler. In fact, at The Village at Cumberland Park we are proud to have some wonderful shops where you can get the best desserts in Tyler all while shopping. Stop by today to find delicious sweet treats in Tyler at The Village at Cumberland Park:

Visit Cinnaholic for Desserts in Tyler

The first place on our list to check out is Cinnaholic. They offer build-your-own cinnamon rolls along with other delicious baked goodies like brownies and edible cookie dough! The kids will love building their own cinnamon roll, while you can feel good about the ingredients – they are completely vegan and every item is freshly baked. One cinnamon roll creation you simply can’t miss is the Sweater Weather Roll. This creation includes maple and cream cheese frosting with banana bread bites, fresh bananas and walnuts. Can you say yum?!

Crumbl Cookies Satisfies Your Sweet Tooth

The next destination while shopping in Tyler is Crumbl Cookies, home to some of the best cookies! You never know what you’ll find walking in the doors of Crumbl Cookies as they offer a rotating selection of specialty flavors. One mouth-watering example would be their Neapolitan cookie. It consists of a vanilla and chocolate cookie stacked on top of one another, with some tart strawberry frosting on top. It’s served warm, too!

Starbucks is More Than Coffee

The final place to swing by is Starbucks. They also have delicious desserts like their bite-sized cake pops. They are currently featuring a fun variety for Earth Day. Another dessert you cannot miss is their Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffin. You can also grab an espresso or latte. You deserve it after a long day. 

There are so many things to do while shopping in Tyler at The Village at Cumberland Park. Our shopping center is a great place to spend a delightful afternoon or evening with the family. Maybe on your next visit we’ve convinced you to go on a dessert tour and try some delicious offerings from our beloved Cinnaholic, Crumbl Cookie and local Starbucks. Looking for more ways to enjoy the new year in Tyler? Check out our directory today! 

Photo Sourced from Getty Images: #139885298