Bath & Body Works Brings the Spirit of Christmas Out in Everyone

The best part of the holiday season is almost here, Christmas! This season is a wonderful time to spend time with loved ones, eat plenty of food and find gift for all of your friends and family at The Village at Cumberland Park. Christmas may be 15 days away at this point, but you can smell the holiday season already in Tyler at Bath & Body Works. Here are some of our favorite holiday scents at Bath & Body Works at The Village at Cumberland Park:

Celebrate Christmas with Frosted Cranberry

Christmas only comes once a year, but this scent can easily last into the next year! Frosted Cranberry is sure to hit all of the sweet spots amongst your friends and family this holiday season. The decadent aromas of blonde woods, iced cranberries and apple will lull any party guests into a state of holiday ecstasy. The special three-wick candle helps this holiday scent burn slowly and evenly, but we still recommend picking up extra for gifts!

Spiced Gingerbread Swirl

Spiced Gingerbread Swirl brings the scent of gingersnap cookies, nutmeg and cinnamon into one brilliant holiday candle. Take your guests on a journey through the winter wonderland of your house and they will be readier to party than ever. Light this delicious scent just after mealtime to make your guests ready for dessert. There is something about these Bath & Body Works Candles that truly makes it feel like the holiday season in Tyler.

‘Tis the Season for Sweet Smells

‘Tis the Season can help you have the scent of Christmas every day without having to spend the time baking and cooking. It’s scrumptious flavors of apple, sweet cinnamon and cedarwood will not only bring your holiday spirit to life, but it’ll also keep it going steady all season long! As with most Bath & Body Works products, you can get this scent in a variety of options such as candles, lotions and more.

No matter what holidays you celebrate, these delightful holiday scents are sure to help you make the most of the approaching winter in Tyler. You can find these scents in all sorts of mediums, so don’t hesitate to pick up your room sprays, fragrance plugs, candles, soaps, fragrance plugs and much more today. Want to learn more about celebrating the holiday season in Tyler? Check out The Village at Cumberland Park blog.

Photo Sourced from Getty Images: #851888026