Discover the Best Back to School Prep in Tyler

There are so many things that you must accomplish before the beginning of the school year. Parents that are doing back to school prep in Tyler know that they have to find many different services to use before school starts as well as buy supplies. The great news is that many of these services can be found at the Village at Cumberland Park shopping mall. Stop by today for back to school prep in Tyler at The Village at Cumberland Park:


Back To School Prep In Tyler Begins With A Haircut

Your back to school prep to-do list will include haircuts for the kids. Pigtails and Crewcuts is a full-service hair-cutting salon specializing in children’s haircuts. They do offer haircutting and styling for the entire family, so make appointments for everyone.


A Great Reason To Sile For School Pictures

The start of the new school year is the perfect tie for your yearly dental exam. Take the kids in for their yearly exam and cleaning, giving them a great reason to smile big for school pictures. Fresh Dental is currently accepting new patients, so make appointments for the entire family. 


You Can See Clearly Now

This is also a great time to take the family in for their yearly eye exam. Your kids will do much better in school when they can see everything clearly. Staton Optical is a full-service eye care facility that offers exams for glasses and contacts and has a wide variety of frames for glasses.


Shopping for back to school is simplified when you shop at the Village at Cumberland Park shopping mall. We have many different services, retail centers, and places to eat when you need a break during the day. Looking for back to school prep in Tyler? Check out our directory today! 


Photo Sourced from Getty Images: #625596352