5 Ways to Prevent Dry Hair this Winter

Do you battle straw-like strands during the winter? End the cycle now, and love your sleek hair year round. Winter-proof yourself with these 5 ways to prevent dry hair this winter:

1. Oil Is Your Friend

Add the shine back to your dry hair by incorporating beauty oil into your treatment. Before you shower, spread a few drops throughout your hair. Then save your shampoo for the end of your shower. The steam from the shower will allow the oil to penetrate your scalp, leaving behind gorgeous strands.

2. Wear a Mask

Deep conditioning your hair once a week is vital to combating dry hair during the winter. Take this process to the next level by leaving the mask on overnight. Apply deep conditioner to damp hair before you go to bed. Then cover your head with a plastic shower cap. After you rinse the next morning, you’ll be left in awe.

3. Skip the Powder

Are you addicted to dry shampoos? They are lifesavers during the spring and summer, but they can cause dry hair in the winter. Save your favorite dry shampoo for those emergency moments during the cooler months, and you’ll be much happier overall.

4. Give Your Irons a Break

Just like dry shampoos, flat irons strip natural oils from your hair. If you want a smoother look in the winter, try a bun or a ponytail a few days a week. Smoothing gels and hair sprays are much more gentle on your hair.

If you typically reach for curling irons, switch to overnight rollers. These tools work their magic while your sleep, and you’ll still have the bounce without the heat damage.

5. Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Save your summer highlights for the warmer part of the year when humidity adds moisture back into your scalp. Stick to ammonia-free and semi-permanent hair color in the winter. These hair dyes will minimize frizz while you recover from bleach and/or sun damage.

Healthy hair is achievable all year if you incorporate just a few tweaks during the drier months. Want a winter treat? Stop by today for the ultimate pampering experience.

Photo Source: [683267108] Thinkstock